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Card button type silicone rubber insulated protection casing USES

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
1, the outlet and inlet line of power transmission and transformation, jump line bare wire wind drift caused by short circuit transmission line, such as external insulation protection, and salt fog, dirt, bird droppings and other acid and alkali content on the bare metal wire corrosion protection; 2, for the lines of the sound proof, complex living areas and buildings demolition of cross above the bare wire, through the tunnel, tunnels, Bridges, bare wire and sand dust, damp air, such as acid rain on bare wire oxidation erosion, damage protection; 3, effectively prevent short circuit outages caused by foreign body lap; 4, effectively delay the outdoor corrosion of bare metal wires; 5, to a certain extent to avoid the person get an electric shock accident; 6, effectively prevent the reptiles small animals to major accidents which caused by the transmission substation in and out of line; 7, clear, simple and clear recognition phase sequence; 8, the ceramic fire refractory type can also be used exclusively for the iron and steel, rare earth smelting blast furnace at the side of cable protection, prevent splashing out into the molten steel to burn out the cable on the cable, can have very good protection effect of cable, sharply reduce blackouts, production, maintenance, replacement cable. A: metal stamping mechanical parts design essentials are there?
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