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Cars more efficient method of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Efficient method of metal stamping parts car metal stamping processing has unique in its own economic and structural superiority. Mainly displays in: metal stamping parts processing and yield of high efficiency, and control, easy to realize mechanization and automation. It is because of stamping mould make the size and shape accuracy of stamping parts, makes the quality of stamping not disorderly, good interchangeability. Since stamping parts have so many benefits, that how to improve the quality of stamping parts production? Car metal stamping parts processing and product variety, complex shape. In general, metal stamping processing and the size range smaller, more complex shape small automotive parts. During the stamping production, however, there may be some bad phenomenon, how to avoid these problems, has become the first problem of processing high quality stamping parts. Aiming at these problems, the dongguan precision co. , LTD. , for you to reorganize the following contents: intermediate casing support is the key to the car cabin integral panel bearing fittings, is to ensure that the car all kinds of instrument is stable, reliable to use one of the important parts. Because of high power engine and vehicle high speed rotation of bad road conditions, easy to cause strong vibration and turbulence of cab, resulting in the former control plate instrument circuit and open circuit or part function failure. As a result, the intermediate casing holder must be able to withstand the impact and bending fatigue load and torque etc, so its must have enough bending strength, shear strength and good toughness. In addition, if the parts more than the applied force in forming, micro cracks or extended to a certain degree, causing tearing or skew, so will not only waste materials, but also will make mould in partial load operation, accelerate the mould aging. Found in automotive cab dashboard bracket assembly production, metal stamping parts production, of which the armor left/right bracket often appear tear, askew phenomenon, these defects are mainly distributed in the pass of the parts, sidewall and R arc wall neck border around the corner. Through careful analysis, we think the main reason is the guide medium pressure during operation of material core mould and pressure instability, concave die core gap after long-term wear an improper adjustment and mould structure design. Then, can be from two aspects of technology and management, put forward the corresponding control measures, and for similar parts process and mold design and forming processing to provide the reference.
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