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Causes and countermeasures of stamping die card material

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Causes and countermeasures of stamping die card materials in the stamping production of stamping die, stamping adverse phenomenon must be specific analysis, to take effective countermeasures, fundamentally solve the problem of what happened, so can reduce the production cost, achieve smooth production. The following is the cause of the card material in the production and processing countermeasure analysis is as follows: card materials in the stamping die: A, feeder to send distance, pressure, relax the improper adjustment, sent from the variation in production C B, feeder fault arc D, material, width error, abnormal burrs larger E, die stamping, rocker cause F, feed aperture is insufficient, die drawing on G, bend or tear A upper and lower stripping were stripping function of H, guide plate Settings, is expected to bring with, thin material, I sent to improper warping J, mould erection in and feeder verticality deviation is bigger. Stamping die card material solutions: A, to adjust and readjust the C B, D, adjustment and maintenance replacement material, control the incoming material quality E, eliminate strip rocker F, training guide hole is convex and concave die G, adjust the stripping H, modify, guide, such as the spring force, the material with belt I, feeder and mould material, adding up and down pressure between adding up and down material safety switch J, to set up the mold.
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