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Causes and solutions of cracks in the processing of stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Stamping products have been popularized in all walks of life. In the stamping process, the processed stamping products will definitely encounter large and small problems. In our practice and exploration, the quality of stamping parts has gradually improved. Today we Talking about the causes and solutions of cracking in the processing of stamping parts; the cracking of stamping parts is mainly caused by the material in the stretching process, the strain exceeds the limit, and the material's tensile strength is insufficient, such as convex and concave mold round corners. If the local force is too large, it will rupture. When deforming in the bulging process, due to the crack on the top of the punch or the crack caused by the elongation and inflow of the flange; aging crack: the hardened part that is seriously formed, the embrittlement is increased by strain aging, and the residual stress during forming Cracking of the stamping parts caused by the effect; the fracture caused by the bending process of the stamping part material after stretching and bending, mostly occurs at the punch or concave die mouth; due to the impurity in the material, the material quality is not up to the standard caused by the crack, stamping The preventive measures for cracking in the processing of parts are: 1. In terms of materials, use materials with good drawing properties; 2. Choose a reasonable size and shape of the blank; 3. Adjust the parameters of the drawbeads, 4. Reduce strain, 5. Improve Lubrication; 6, adjust the pressing force 7, modify the process supplement surface, etc.; article recommendation: What should be paid attention to in the design of continuous die for stamping parts? Previous post: How to arrange the processing sequence of metal stamping parts?
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