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Causes of chip jumping and crushing of progressive die stamping products

by:Fortuna     2021-04-28
Reasons for chip jumping and crushing of progressive die stamping products:   A, the gap is too large;
B. Improper feeding; C. Pressing oil drips too fast and oil sticky; D. The mold is not demagnetized; E. The punch is worn and the chips are pressed on the punch; F. The punch is too short, insert the die Insufficient length; G. The material is hard and the punching shape is simple; H. Emergency measures.   Countermeasures:    A. Control the processing accuracy of the convex and concave molds or modify the design gap; B. Trim the material belt when it is sent to the appropriate position and clean the mold in time; C. Control the amount of stamping oil drips, or change the oil type to reduce the viscosity;
Moulds and molds must be demagnetized after training (more attention should be paid to iron punching materials); E. Training punch blades;
F. Adjust the length of the punch blade into the female mold; G. Change the material and modify the design. The punch inserts into the end face to push out or trim out the bevel or arc (pay attention to the direction). Reduce the bonding area between the end face of the punch edge and the chip; H. Reduce the sharpness of the die edge, reduce the amount of training on the die edge, and increase the surface roughness (coating) of the straight edge of the die. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the waste. Reduce the impulse speed, slow down the jumping chip.
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