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Causes of medical wire terminals burr improper clearance

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Medical wire terminal belong to one of blanking pieces and blanking is to use the mould to make the separation of sheet metal stamping process. In the production of medical wire terminals common defects are: burrs, surface buckling, size error. Burr, in sheet metal blanking, produce different degrees of burr, in general it is hard to avoid, but improve the manufacturability of parts, stamping conditions, can decrease the burr. Causes of medical wire terminals burr in bad clearance for the following reasons: 1. Mould manufacturing error - die parts processing is not in conformity with the drawings, backplane parallelism is not good, etc. ; Part 2, mold assembly error - guide clearance, such as intensive assembly different heart; 3, press precision guide rail gap is too large, such as press slider on the surface of the bottom and the workbench parallelism is not good, or stroke and press mesa verticality is bad, the workbench poor rigidity, the deflection when cutting, can cause the change of the gap; 4, installation error, such as punching die and bottom surface not clean when installation or improper fastening methods for big die die, die and mould install different heart ( Especially not guide pin module) Caused by the working part of the inclined; 5, unreasonable structure of punching die - working parts of die and rigidity is not enough, the blanking force imbalance, etc. ; 6, steel ladle curvature big - steel plate. Medical wire terminals burr, not only make after blanking deformation process due to stress concentration and cracking, as well as rough stratified difficult for subsequent working procedure. Big burr easy handle scratch; When welding two pieces of steel plate joint is not good, easy to weld penetration, weld not firm; When riveting is easy to produce riveting clearance or cause riveting cracks. Therefore, allowing beyond the burr is extremely harmful. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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