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Characteristic analysis of the current domestic metal stamping mould

by:Fortuna     2020-05-19
Characteristic analysis of the current domestic metal stamping mould industry, the domestic metal stamping mold industry development characteristics, large, sophisticated, complex products into the industry mainstream, will constantly improve the technology content, continuously shorten manufacture cycle, stamping parts processing mould production will continue towards informationization, digitization and intensification, high speed and automation direction development, industry comprehensive strength and core competitiveness significantly increased. Cheap and fine China stamping die products are very popular in the international market and domestic die of stamping die in our country occupy the important position in the total import and export. Stamping die industry in China since its formation, development rapidly, take up of the mould of the total amount of import and export of 40 respectively. 33% and 25. 12%, one of the most important exporter has become the international field of stamping die. At present, the precision stamping die are actively to the international stage, to participate in international competition. Domestic stamping die industry is increasingly pursued the world's advanced level, and constantly narrowing the technology gap with developed countries, many domestic precision stamping die on the main performance has to be able to compete with imported products, industry overall level increased significantly, not only realize the import substitution, there are quite a number of production exported to the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions. Though and there is still a big gap between the developed countries, but according to the current domestic industry development, in the next few years, domestic stamping die industry will achieve tremendous, backbone impetus of the development of domestic die industry, improve industry overall technical level to a higher level of development. Mold industry to further enhance the level of the technique and technology and will boost domestic enterprise's ability to grasp the market, so as to achieve in the next five to ten years industry scale and technical level of dual qualitative change. Domestic metal stamping mold industry layout adjustment, is the natural trend of economic development, the eastern region after years of technology, talent and capital accumulation, will gradually transition to high-end products production base, and emerging centers will undertake a part of the perfection of production. This is a reasonable division of labor, broke the past product of a single, regional homogeneity serious situation, also provides a step in the development of mould industry in our country.
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