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Characteristics and technology of the stamping parts you really know?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
What we mean by stamping are generally classified according to the process, can be roughly divided into separation process and forming process two classes. The so-called separation process is also known as blanking, the purpose is to make the stamping parts along the contour pulled away from sheet metal, of course, we also be quality requirements to a separate section. Stamping parts used the material of sheet metal stamping directly affects the quality of the finished product, we used when selecting a stamping materials must, uniform thickness, surface smooth and no scratches cracks, and so on, the elongation coefficient, showed and work hardening has certain requirements. We generally cold stamping parts no machining program, or just a small amount of repair machining. Hot stamping precision and surface state is not as cold stamping parts, but relatively castings, forgings or stronger than they. Because stamping is thin than castings and forgings, and strong, stamping parts can be produced process is very complicated other artifacts (that could not be made Yo with stiffener or flanging artifacts) , the accuracy of stamping parts is very accurate, even reach micron level. And adopt compound die, especially the multi-station progressive die, we can be done in a pressure on the perfect multichannel stamping process, automated production, greatly improving the production efficiency, reduce the production cost. Through the above interpretation of us, and we must to also know it very pressing, dongguan hardware is a professional stamping parts manufacturing producers, welcome to visit the choose and buy, the hotline.
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