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Characteristics of cover parts in automobile stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Stamping products are widely used in various industries. What are the characteristics of covering parts used in automobiles? Let's take a look below. For example, the side wall parts of some models of domestic cars have relatively large outline dimensions and spatially curved stamping parts, the length of which can reach more than 3000mm, and the shape is complex. Most automotive stamping parts, covering parts generally have to go through a drawing process to get. When the stamping parts are processed and formed, the deformation process of the material is complicated, and professional software, such as AutoForm, must be used to analyze and simulate whether there may be quality defects such as cracks in the drawing process. It is necessary to use equipment (such as a three-coordinate measuring instrument, etc.) and special quantities and inspection tools to evaluate whether the size and shape of automobile stamping parts are qualified. The tonnage of stamping equipment used in the processing of cover parts in automobile stamping parts is generally relatively large, and the largest press can reach more than 2400t. Recommended article: Problems to be paid attention to in the design of continuous die for stamping parts Previous: The quality requirements of electronic stamping plants for metal stamping
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