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Characteristics of progressive die.


(1) A progressive die can complete multiple processes such as punching, bending, forming, and drawing. The press can punch a workpiece or process piece per stroke and therefore has a higher  productivity than the composite die.

(2) The use of progressive die stamping can reduce equipment, mold quantity and workshop area, eliminating the transportation and storage of semi-finished products.

(3) Continuous molds use coils or strips, and feeding, discharging and lamination are easy to automate. In the process of automatic continuous die stamping, the human body parts do not have to enter the dangerous area and the operation is safe.

(4) The steps of the progressive die are dispersed in the respective stations, and there is no problem of the "minimum wall thickness" of the composite mold, so the mold strength is high and the life is long.

(5) The progressive die structure is complicated, the manufacturing precision is high, the cycle is long, the cost is high, and the maintenance is difficult.

(6) Since the various processes are completed at different stations, the cumulative error of positioning affects the accuracy of the workpiece, so the accuracy of the workpiece produced by the continuous die is not high.

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