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Check the quality of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2020-04-18
Detail stamping metal processing is a processing means use most inside, metal stamping parts is at room temperature, steel or nonferrous metal plank with mold, such as provided by the press pressure needed for processing and forming for the specified shape. The metal stamping manufacturer is how to test the quality of metal stamping parts. Kechuang below to share. For metal stamping processing, first we need to control the quality of raw material inspection period can be divided into material acceptance and before cleaning, after inspection and materials before production. Then through the following five kinds of testing method for forming test stamping parts. A, touch test with a clean gauze to clean the surface of the outer covering parts. Inspector need to wear the touch gloves along the longitudinal pressing close to touch on the surface of the stamping, the inspection method depends on the checker's experience. Abrasive grinding if necessary by detection of suspicious areas and verified, but this method is an effective method of quick inspection. Second, oil stone grinding 1, first of all, with a clean gauze will clean the surface of the outer covering parts, and then polished with oil stone, there is circular and hard-to-reach places with relatively small abrasive polishing 2, selection of abrasive particle size depends on the surface condition. Suggest using fine-grained whetstone. Oilstone grinding basically along the longitudinal direction, and a good joint on the surface of the stamping parts and some special place can also supplement horizontal grinding.
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