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China mold and die industry output value in an average annual rate of 17%

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Restricting the mould manufacturing technology is the root cause of the moulds of high-end multi-axis linkage CNC machine tools. China mold and die industry output value of more than 1. 8 trillion yuan, is growing at an average of 17%, higher than the average value of China's GDP more than doubled. The auto industry as one of the main application of downstream of mold industry, around a third of China mold products for the automotive industry services. Mold is the foundation of the automobile industry technology and equipment, in car production more than 90% of the parts need to rely on die forming. Make a regular car need 1500 sets of molds, which accounts for more than 1000 sets of progressive metal stamping tools. In the development of new models, 90% of the workload changes are all around the body surface. In the development of new models cost, about 60% is used for body and for the development of stamping process and equipment. In the automobile manufacturing costs about 40% and the cost of the assembly for body stamping. Reached nearly 110 key mould enterprises in our country, among them, the stamping die accounted for about 37%, these data strongly proves that our country has become a fact of auto mould manufacturing power. Auto parts need to rely on more than 90% in the production of die forming, in the United States, Japan and other developed countries car manufacturing, mold industry for more than 40% of products are automobile mould, and in our country is only a third of the mold is in the service of the automobile manufacturing. According to statistical data to predict the China association of automobile manufacturers, production capacity of 34 million cars in China in 2015, such a large market demand will bring infinite business opportunities for China's auto mould industry. Mould industry in our country to develop to intensive route, intensive development route, make sure you to 'low input, high-yield out the management objective, it requires mold enterprise from several aspects to change. Domestic auto mould industry is developing very rapidly, auto mould manufacturing enterprise are already have considerable size and number. The personage inside course of study analysis, mold production is still in low-level redundant construction, there is a great gap high-end mould products. And with the domestic auto industry continued to high-end development, has higher requirement for the mould, and the current development of China's high-end mold design and manufacturing capabilities, is far from fully meet the needs of China's automobile industry, high-end mould still needs a large number of imports. So to solve the problem of high-end mold imports, will raise the level of mold manufacturing in China in the first place. And improve the level of mold manufacturing in our country must starting from the development and manufacture of some high-end mold.
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