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China mold and die technology development trend

by:Fortuna     2021-02-04
China's domestic mold technology progress by leaps and bounds, mainly for the following 7: ( 1) The popularity of mold integrated manufacturing unit and technology. Mould in addition to the automatic feeding, stamping, laminated thickness measuring, grouping, combination of core and product output, the function such as hinge assembly connection, and the complex motion structure, mould heating, forging, local thermal control, mould welding, tapping, inside local injection molding, die cutting, mould detection technology combination process. In particular, this exhibition on the plastic parts of the mould of the eager, boron steel mould is eager to pencil and motor iron core change new technology such as the cutting edge of marked a new epoch in mould integrated manufacturing unit. Continue to large mold, precision, high performance, integrated manufacturing unit. ( 2) The commercial Internet to mold and its industry chain extension. At present, many enterprises have also Internet docking mould processing equipment, tries to build up a 'mould manufacturing + Internet mode, vigorously promoted the transformation and upgrade of the mould industry. ( 3) 3 d printing is widely used in mold manufacturing. The applications of 3 d printing production mold cavity cavity mould development new trend. Metal material - Is the reduction of material combination manufacturing technology is an important direction in the field of 3 d printing, the current through the increase of material forming, step by step a 3 d based on high speed milling thickness contour reduction material finishing, the realization of high precision of complex metal parts manufacturing. ( 4) Intelligent mould. At present, in the plastic mold and die casting mould industry, there are already mold cavity pressure, temperature, flow rate and the cooling process of intelligent control of the mold. In addition, mould processing equipment of intelligent is rapidly promote the mold of intelligent manufacturing. ( 5) The emergence of new lightweight materials with large plastic mould and optimization. With the development of the automotive lightweighting, lightweight material emerge in endlessly, mould domestic enterprises have begun to respond to this change, launched a new lightweight materials of automobile covering parts mould with large composite mould development. ( 6) Large progressive stamping die technology mature, high speed high reliability has become the important characteristic of precision progressive die. Progressive stamping abound, at present, large parts size is more and more big, the shape is more and more complex, shows a large progressive die technology into the mature stage. And high precision progressive die is more and more high to the requirement of the stability and reliability of the production, has become an important means of mould manufacturing enterprise competition. Obviously, forming a very large and small ultra precision parts mold design and manufacturing technology has become a hot topic of mold enterprise. ( 7) Improvement of die mold refinement, species and has become the important conditions of enterprises to participate in international competition, mold quality, variety, long service life is at present the development trend of dongguan precision. Precision contact: I wish you all a happy New Year and all the best, if you want to learn more dynamic, can scan the qr code, pay attention to the public. , is committed to precision stamping processing factory of the world's most professional electronic components
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