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China's auto stamping parts market prospect analysis

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Our hardware is a professional manufacturer of stamping parts, as stamping parts of the professional manufacturers, we focus on is our sales, stamping parts and stamping parts of the industry's outlook. Our hardware specially from online search some information about the author of the quality of our automotive stamping industry prospects to share with you about. Automotive stamping parts of market capacity mainly depends on China's auto production every year. Average contains 1, 500 per vehicle stamping parts, in addition to large covering parts, including doors, side is surrounded, cover plate, chassis, floor, etc. , each of which (in the car body stamping Not including welding) The average price in 1. 50000 yuan, chassis and engine parts, such as stamping parts of the average price in 10000 yuan. On the basis of calculation, in 2014, our country automobile stamping parts market capacity reach 593. 1 billion yuan. According to the information, high speed and precision of production development, automotive stamping technology will follow the trend of integration and intelligence, network application has a specialty degree, CAD, CAM, CAE, vacuum processing technology, laser heat treatment and welding technology and so on to build complete mould materials and systems. At the same time, from the computer-aided digital, mold manufacturing, mold manufacturing and system integration, etc. , to reduce the production cost and shorten the manufacturing cycle at the same time, the automotive stamping parts manufacturing level and quality. Because of China's auto market and there is a gap between car companies in technology, therefore, automotive stamping parts production and development must informatization road, the key to realize integration of computer technology, eliminate fitter, processing, and closing the gap, improve the competitiveness in the market of automobile stamping industry. To sum up, although the increase in auto stamping in China have a larger development, but to become a car manufacturing powerhouse, will have to raise the level of automotive technology at the same time, improve the ability of automotive stamping parts and stamping die. To customize automotive stamping parts, please look for the hardware, we guarantee quality, service guaranteed.
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