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China's hardware products in Indonesia market has huge potential

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Indonesian Chinese overseas Chinese economic potentiality is abundant, but Indonesian Chinese economy and the jiangmen economic and trade relations also has the very big development space. Chen Bonian, said Chinese port will the new chamber of commerce in early May 100 anniversary, Indonesia guang zhao has organized more than 170 people will always come back to participate in, is the biggest power in attending group, 80% of those strong industry, involving real estate, textile and tourism, etc. Under the financial crisis, Asia's economic development of China and Indonesia is pretty good, belongs to positive growth. Chen Bonian said, compared with other Asian countries, although affected by the financial crisis, Indonesia's economy some brakes, but the economic and trade ties with China remains relatively hot. I come back to attend the Canton fair every year, buy some machinery, oneself also invested factories in my hometown. Chen Bonian said. In Indonesia are the products made in China market, such as air conditioning in Indonesia market 80% made in China, there are many from jiangmen electronics and metal products. According to introducing, the Indonesian trade showed a trend of increased year by year. Last year, bilateral trade amounted to $31. 5 billion, an increase of more than 30%. At present, China is already in Indonesia's second largest importer and the fourth largest exporter. Trade in Indonesia this year 1 & amp; 不明, April has more than $4 billion, is expected to grow to accelerate. Chen Bonian is introduced. Indonesia's largest small home appliance dealers, small home appliance accessories are imported from China, 80% of whom are from zhongshan and jiangmen had. Chen Bonian said that Indonesian Chinese are a lot of investment in China, but in jiangmen investment is small, the potential of cooperation, to explore. Chen Bonian said: we also hope to jiangmen welcome enterprises to expand trade and economic cooperation of Indonesia. This aspect we have both rich experience, and have enough contacts. From dongguan city, through the wide extent always see the influence of three investment seminar, has played a positive effect. Jiangmen business if we have to travel to Indonesia market development plan, we are always willing to guang zhao, also has the ability for jiangmen enterprise. A: engineering machinery seal industry development potential analysis
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