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Choice of precision stamping parts processing factory need to pay attention to?

by:Fortuna     2020-03-29
Often have a customer ask how to find a good precision stamping parts processing, small make up the following points, hoping to find the precision stamping parts processing factory, to provide some help to our customers. With precision stamping technology of precision stamping parts processing has a large range of size, shape, complex, high precision, etc. Widely used in automotive, medical, aerospace and other industries. Precision stamping parts processing technology is more complex, in order to ensure the stamping forming result, precision stamping parts processing need to pay attention to the following: 1. Precision stamping parts processing quantity depends on the complexity of the structure shape, and the complexity of shape of the structure depends on the quantity, the relative position of bending Angle and bending direction. When bending radius is less than the allowable values of bending parts, increase after bending forming process. 2. Precision stamping process and material performance, height of deep drawing, drawing number, drawing conditions such as the diameter, material thickness, can only be calculated and determined by the deep drawing process. When drawing a radius or small size accuracy requirement is high, should be increased after deep drawing forming process. Number 3, process should be according to the enterprise existing forming ability and stamping equipment. Mold production capacity should be able to guarantee the mold processing, assembly accuracy accord with the requirement of improvement. Otherwise, the number can only increase process. 4. When precision stamping parts of the cross section quality and dimension accuracy requirement is high, can consider the material and after finishing process or direct use of precision blanking process. 5. In order to improve the precision of the stamping process stability, and sometimes need to increase the number of working procedure, to ensure the quality of precision stamping parts. For example, the bending part of the additional orientation process, the increase of deformation in forming process, the decrease of the Kong Chong, pass deformation zone, etc. 6. For simple shape precision stamping parts, by a single process of mold. Blanking complex artifacts, because of the limitation of mould structure or the intensity of the inner and outer contour cutting should be divided into several parts, need to use multiple stamping process. Precision stamping processing should be chosen for stamping processing oil, canola oil and engine oil, then oil source such as the special oil does not contain additive composition is suitable for stamping processing, will cause the loss of accuracy of workpiece, burr, table face injuries such as quality problems. Rather than a special product of chemicals cause the machine rust, from the yellow robe, workers skin allergies. Relevant search: stamping parts processing, metal stamping parts, sheet metal stamping related links: http://www. wuxilongshun。 com/
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