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Choose the high quality precision shrapnel stamping manufacturer of a few key points

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Common precision shrapnel is one of the important metal accessories, electronic components usually have conduction, switch, clamping, resonance, and so on. The service life of good shrapnel can reach 100000 times and the number of resistant to insertion force more than 10000 times, and greatly improve the quality of the products, reduce unnecessary costs in the process of production. Throughout the domestic market production precision shrapnel, uneven, how can we choose a short time high quality precision shrapnel stamping factory? Four, the production of normative general stamping factory by master train an apprentice, word of mouth, teach by holding strong randomicity result is good or bad. High quality stamping factory by design drawing, mold processing and manufacturing, stamping production, quality inspection have working instruction and operation records, any a link back and repeat the operation; According to the P - D - C - The operation principle of A continuous improvement process. Five, the production normal stamping factory: high quality stamping factory: six common stamping factory, the enterprise management system management system is the boss, what is the boss said to calculate, There is no legitimate certificate. High quality stamping factory business management system by the certificate ( Such as: ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949) + a complete training system. Seven, see common stamping factory after-sales service after-sales service is the universal boss, salesman, designers, master mold, stamping the mechanic, quality assurance and delivery drivers by the boss. Stamping factory after-sales service with professional customer service team for product solutions, if any quality and product features can answer 4 hour arrived at the scene, The pearl river delta region) At the scene (+ 24 hours Any domestic region) + 24 hours phone/email communication. Through the above a few, I believe that you can quickly select the high quality precision shrapnel stamping manufacturer might be.
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