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Classification method of stamping dies.


Stamping dies, as the name suggests, are dies used in stamping production, which are very important for stamping parts production. If stamping factories want to better produce stamping parts, they need to understand the classification of stamping dies. Dongguan Fortuna Metals CO.,LTD. has been focusing on the customized processing of precision stamping parts for more than 30 years, and has also accumulated rich experience in mold processing. Next, I will share with you the classification method of stamping dies.

1. According to the feeding method

According to different feeding methods, it can be divided into manual feeding die, semi-automatic die and fully automatic die.

The manual feeding die does not require special feeding equipment, the die is relatively simple, the production is convenient, and the application in stamping production is extremely common.

Semi-automatic punching dies and fully automatic punching dies need to be set up with special feeding machines and equipment. There are strict regulations on punching machines, high production preparation costs, and high performance regulations, which are only suitable for mass production.

2. According to production adaptability

According to the requirements of different production and operation scales, it can be divided into two methods: general-purpose die and special-purpose die.

General-purpose dies include combined dies, general-purpose bending dies, etc. The former one is suitable for small batches and multi-type production methods.

Most of the stamping dies used in general production are special-purpose dies, that is, a pair of dies only stamps one or several types of parts.

types of stamping dies

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