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Classification of metal stamping dies


Classification of metal stamping dies

1. Bending mold: bend the smooth wool into an angle. According to the shape, accuracy, and output of the parts, there are many different types of molds, such as ordinary bending molds, cam bending molds, and crimping.

2. Drawing die: The drawing die is to make the flat wool embryo into a seamless container at the bottom.

3. Forming mold: The shape of the blank is changed by various local deformation methods in the form of stamping molds, press molding molds, shrink molding molds, hole flange forming molds, flange forming molds, etc.

4. Compression mold: With strong pressure, the metal wool flows and deforms and becomes the required shape. The types include extrusion mold, embossing mold, stamping mold, and end pressure mold.

5. Stamping dies: commonly used blanking dies, blanking dies, trimming dies, full-edge dies, punching dies, and blanking dies, generally used for dies, dies, trimming dies, drawing dies, and dies.

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