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Clearance of drawing die used in stamping parts processing plant

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The gaps of the drawing dies used by stamping parts processing plants are calculated, including the drawing dies without blanking rings, the drawing dies with blanking rings, and the gaps between the box-shaped drawing dies, and their gaps are all How is it calculated? Let’s take a look at the following: 1. The drawing die without pressure ring used by the stamping parts processing plant, the drawing gap is: Z/2u003d(1~1.1) tmax2, the drawing die with pressure ring is deep drawing The gap is: Z/2u003d(0.9~0.95)t; 3. The gap of the box-shaped drawing die when the dimensional accuracy is high: Z/2u003d(0.9~1.05)t when the accuracy is not high: Z/2 u003d(1.1~1.3) t Take a smaller value for the final drawing; the last drawing: the gap of the rounded part is 0.1t larger than the straight edge part; Recommended article: In the metal stamping mold, the drawing die is more Difficult moldsPrevious: Processability in the processing of bending stamping parts
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