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Common graphic introduction terminals

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Terminal believe people know a lot of, but for some useful gadgets may recognize unclear or never met, may be seen but don't know what call, want to buy all don't know how to describe, so summarizes several commonly use terminals, posted by a few figure, let everybody more convenient, save time and effort. 1, folding clasp, two soft line on the inside, with forceps clamping, it use pliers clip may not be strong, clip the check; 2, press type docking terminal, also has a screw press, use this after the light is very convenient; 3 wires, and lines and thrum articulated head device; 4, pipe insulation cold terminals, soft lines, the tongs flat, harden line, some tin on the thread to harden, can directly use this, open, jack, is safer than cord to spread into; 5, copper nose, and a lot of kinds, u y type, high power wire with copper pipe, thin line with cold pressing, mostly purpose is to put the line with screws, u are open, save trouble, o safer; 6, zero electric box ground are wired to it; 7, helix cap spinning line cap cap, two threads twisted together on this, the screw tight, no pressure, twist the set of heat shrinkable tube more secure; 8, reed plug terminal. Line pressing forefoot wire core, we lift skin, lock spring pulls the in need according to the middle, picture is L insert the lock on the spring. 9, fence type terminal row, double row, high and low row; 10, spring terminal row of images is the need to weld to the board, general with pre insulated terminals.
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