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Common problems in stamping dies in the production process.


Stamping dies are the basis for processing stamping parts, and stamping parts need to be moulded to achieve a fixed shape and size. If there is a problem with the stamping die, the entire subsequent production of the stamping processing plant will also be affected. Dongguan Fortuna provides one-stop services for mold design, stamping, and automated assembly. Next, we will analyze some common problems of stamping dies for everyone.

Stamping die

One, the concave-convex mold is broken

In the entire stamping process, the places that bear greater stamping pressure are the concave and convex molds of the entire mold. Therefore, if the design of the concave-convex mold is improper, it will be easily broken and damaged. The break of the punch is a kind of break of the punch.

The main reasons for the fracture of stamping die include:

1. Improper selection of materials

The choice of mold material needs to be determined by combining the materials and dimensions of all processed stamping parts. For example, processing stainless steel stamping parts requires the selection of better mold materials.

2. Unqualified mold heat treatment

After the heat treatment of the mold, the hardness is too low or too high. It is recommended to determine the appropriate hardness range according to the use situation.

3. Unreasonable demoulding design

The gap between the concave mold and the convex mold needs to be within a reasonable range. If the gap is too large, the punched parts will produce burrs, while the gap is too small will cause the die or punch to break.When the concave-convex mold breaks, it is necessary to carefully analyze the cause and solve the problem. Sometimes, you can continue to use the mold after grinding, and in some cases, you need to rework the mold according to the drawings.

Two, the mold is deformed

When the mold is deformed, the shape of the processed stamping part will also be deformed, so that the size of the produced product cannot meet the requirements. The deformation of the stamping die is mainly caused by improper material selection or improper heat treatment. The force of the die during the stamping process can cause deformation. 

Three, mold wear

The blade wear we often say in the stamping industry is a manifestation of die wear. In the stamping process, the friction between the upper and lower molds and the material will inevitably be worn. When severely worn, the processed stamped parts will produce larger burrs, which will lead to unqualified products. However, mold wear can usually be resolved by grinding.

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