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Common problems of stamping parts processing

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
1, adhesive, scratches: due to the friction material and punch or concave die in parts or die surface bad; 2, burr: mainly happens on the shear modulus and blanking die, blade clearance between big or hours will produce burr; 3, the line displacement: forming parts, the first contact with the mould parts of the squeezed and formed a line; There's a foreign body in 4, convex concave: uncoiling line ( Iron filings, rubber, dust) With cause convex concave; 5, twists and turns: due to the uneven stress, drawbead matching bad or press the slider control bad parts r Angle parts or embossed parts causing twists and turns, strain; 6, wrinkles, due to poor press slide block adjustment, low precision press, air cushion and inappropriate pressure adjustment, punch or caused big edge or r r parts of wrinkles. 7. Other specific issues: in the daily production, will meet punching size small or large, Possible beyond specification) And the punch size is large, in addition to consider the design of the forming of convex and concave die size, machining accuracy and blanking clearance and other factors, also should consider the following several aspects to solve. ⑴。 Cutting blade wear, material by tensile stress increases, stamping parts produced material, distortion tends to increase. Produce double way, punching size will be small. ⑵。 Crush of material, make the material produces plastic deformation, can lead to punching size is big. And reduce pressure, punching size will be small. ⑶。 Punch edge end shape. Such as end slope or arc, due to slow down the blanking force, salt pieces not easily get turn, twist, therefore, the punching size is big. And punch end plane ( No cant or arc) When the punching size is relatively small.
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