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Conditions for material selection of stamping parts and hardness testing

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
A most of the stainless steel shell belongs to the stamping parts, because it is made by stamping process, in addition to the process requirements, also gave a corresponding conditions for material selection. Properties, such as the thickness of the material, will influence of each parameter in the stamping, which determines the stamping forming quality. Outside the stainless steel for shell stamping materials, in the actual design should also use pressure unloading board as far as possible, because the pressure unloading mold operation than fixed unloading mold is convenient, the operator can see the material in the mould into action. And discharge pressure unloading board is flexible force toward a strip material, will not damage the surface. In general, only when the stripper plate discharging pressure force is insufficient, will only in the stamping production to switch to fixed stripper plate. To know stamping use mould is to use pressure stripper plate, or with fixed stripper plate, depends on the size of the discharge power, the material thickness is a major factor. Generally, stamping parts of hardness can be achieved by rockwell hardness tester, especially for some metal stamping parts, not only is small, and complex shape, which can be used to test the plane is very small, only the rockwell hardness tester for testing. Alloy stampings is very commonly used metal processing, machinery manufacturing field of parts, it is to use the mold shape metal plate belt separation or produced by machining method, the application scope is broad, involves every field of our lives, including some electronic components, auto parts, decorative materials, etc. In order to ensure that the stamping forming and improve the qualification rate of products, not only have to choose a suitable material, standardize the production process, comprehensive detection, necessary to get qualified products put into use.
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