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Conductor Metal Terminal:The excellent products for Precision Auto Parts


Autos are everywhere in our lives and provide great convenience to our lives, and metal precision stamping terminals are also an indispensable part of various parts of the auto. As a leader in metal stamping and CNC parts product

manufacturers, Fortuna has an absolute say in the production of connection terminals. Not only that, Fortuna's connection terminal manufacturing is also deeply favored by buyers, and the two parties have established long-term cooperation relation.

What Are Metal Connection Terminals?

Metal stamping connection terminals are wire connection products used in electrical appliances, sensors, dashboards, audio systems and automatic equipment for various automotive parts. 

They are generally connected with injection molding or plastic products to connect wires to circuit boards or equipment. The connections are firmly fixed together to achieve the normal operation of the appliance.

Metal stamping terminals are generally divided into male terminals and female terminals. Terminals commonly used in the automotive field can be subdivided into plug terminals, crimp terminals, screw terminals and welding terminals, among 

which plug terminals and crimp terminals are the most common. Two types of automotive terminals.

Plug terminals are usually composed of two parts: a plug and a socket. The socket is usually fixed on the auto's wiring harness, and the plug is usually fixed on the wire. It is generally suitable for the auto's audio system.

The crimp terminal is composed of a metal tube and a plastic sleeve. The wire is inserted into the metal tube, and then the wire is firmly connected to the terminal through a crimping plier. It is often used in the engine and headlights of automobiles.

How Are Metal Connecting Terminals Produced?

About processing methods, metal connection terminals are generally divided into two methods: stamping and CNC lathe processing.

In terms of the production process, metal stamped connection terminals need to go through several processes such as stamping, electroplating, heat treatment, grinding, and riveting,

and then undergo full inspection packaging or autorier tape packaging after full inspection; metal CNC processing connection terminals are generally CNC processed.

electroplating two processes, and then full inspection and packaging or full inspection and then autorier tape packaging.

In terms of material selection methods, one is to base copper and then perform electroplating. The plating generally includes precious metals such as nickel plating, 

silver plating, matte tin or bright tin plating; the other is to electroplat the material, and the plating is generally plating. Zinc is then processed.

Application of Metal Connection terminals in the automotive field

Automobiles are one of the main application areas of metal terminal blocks. In the automobile manufacturing process, a large number of metal stamping parts are used in the manufacture of body,

chassis, engine, interior and other components. For example, body panels, doors, hoods, chassis supports and other components.

Application principle: The electrical connection is completed through the insertion of the male end and the female end.

The male end is a rigid part, and its shape is cylindrical (round pin), square cylindrical (square pin) or flat (insert piece). The male end is generally made of brass or phosphor bronze.

The female end is the jack, which is the key part between the contacts. It relies on the elastic structure to elastically deform when it is inserted into the pin,

and generates elastic force to form close contact with the male contact to complete the connection. There are many types of jack structures,

including cylindrical type (split groove, shrinkage), tuning fork type, cantilever beam type (longitudinal groove), folding type (longitudinal groove, 9-shaped), box type (square jack) And hyperboloid wire spring jack, etc.

Advantages in automotive applications

With the continuous development and innovation of automotive electronic systems, automotive connector die-casting technology will continue to play a key role in promoting the progress and development of the automotive industry,

and metal connection terminals, as an important part of it, have increasingly broad development prospects. , the function of metal connecting terminals is mainly used to connect wires,

which is also its most basic function. In addition, metal terminals also have the following advantages:

1. Stable connection: The metal terminals use various methods such as screw compression, pins and grooves to ensure the firmness of the connection and prevent the wires from falling off easily, thus ensuring the normal operation of the appliance.

2. Easy to use: The metal terminals are very convenient to use. You only need to fix the wires with screws or pins. There is no need to weld or prepare other professional tools.

3. Reuse: The metal terminals can be used multiple times. You only need to loosen the screws or pull out the pins to remove the wires without causing damage.

4. Convenient maintenance: When electrical appliances are connected using metal terminals, when maintenance or wires need to be replaced, you only need to loosen the screws or pull out the pins, which is very convenient.

As a domestic customized R&D manufacturer of precision auto parts, metal stamping parts, PIN pins, lead frames, etc.

Fortuna focuses on providing customers with high-quality, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly auto parts products to meet the high reliability and stability of automotive systems.

Reduce connection failures and losses, improve the overall performance and efficiency of the automotive system, and strive to become a first-class domestic auto parts processing brand manufacturer.

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