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Connector metal stamping to high-end development

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Connector as port of signal, in industries such as mobile phones, computers, program-controlled exchange, LED, electrical appliances, industrial aviation and other fields has been widely applied. Foreign manufacturers dominate the high-end connectors market at present, domestic manufacturers still is given priority to with mid-range, this part is affected by the level of the mould and die industry in connector. Because of connector mold in injection molding, stamping, plating, etc. , the dongguan grain mainly do metal stamping mould and stamping, including video, PC motherboard, IO, LED stent, consumer electronics, electrical appliances and industrial air development of mould design and stamping processing production. In terms of the connector terminal hardware stamping, most domestic manufacturers is given priority to with the low-end, and grain together mainly in the high-end field. Now for the international connector manufacturers such as FuJia appropriate ( FCI) Amphenol, molex well-known connector manufacturers such as matching. Connector has a high requirement on the metal stamping: one is the hardware mold design needs a high level, because of the different shapes of terminal, connector has different structure, how to make reasonable design is very important, if the structure is not ignored cause unqualified products. Low efficiency. The second is the high precision equipment, connector terminals require high precision processing equipment, to foreign equipment precision can reach + 0. 002 mm, and general domestic equipment can only achieve + 0. 01mm。 Three is a good processing technology. A good connector mold needs design, equipment and technology the perfect combination of three aspects. At the same time, the higher requirements for equipment compatibility, technical barriers is higher, grain poly adopts advanced surface grinding, automatic optical curve grinding, CNC wire cutting, machining centers and other equipment, for production. The future connector metal stamping mold requirement is more and more high, this is the connector interface trend of miniaturization, high data transfer rate, etc. So the mold equipment, materials, quality requirements are higher, such as grain together impact speed of mold used punch has reached to 500 RPM 3000 r/min, the connector stamping on the design put forward higher requirements. Have been in metal stamping keep advantage lies in: one is ongoing equipment investment, because investment buying the most advanced equipment, to introduce the highest level of technology, technology, innovation and do research. The current connector hardware needed for stamping die cutting, 4 axis processing equipment can be completed within the group. Talent training, the second is to go out, please come in the way, improving grain poly technical level. Three is to establish a standardized. In the mold design stage to carry out [a. Save material. To insert. More material] Philosophy, as far as possible to reduce material consumption. Group B standard mould parts standardization, die, die repair and maintenance of unity. Reduce the punch mould time. Improve the efficiency and delivery. A: on the sticky on the surface of the metal stamping feeling is how cause
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