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Continuous mode ( Progressive die) Role in the stamping industry

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Metal stamping parts are widely used in machinery, automobiles, electronics, home appliances and other fields of national economy, plays an irreplaceable role. Stamping process is one of the metal plastic forming method, is an important means of material forming. Stamping processing mainly to use stamping mold, is the material ( Metal or nonmetal) Processed into parts ( Or semi-finished products) A kind of special process equipment. Die according to the nature of the process, can be divided into the blanking die, punching die, blanking die, cut off the mold and so on, according to the combination of process level can be broadly grouped into engineering mode, continuous mode, transfer mode. Continuous mode ( Also known as progressive die, leapfrog mould) During a trip, is refers to the press ordinal in several different positions, and at the same time to complete the process of punching die. In continuous die blanking pieces is forming gradually, and the approach of continuous forming process is concentrated, can make the trimming, incision, cutting, punching, plastic deformation and blanking process on a pair of mold. Based on the actual needs of stamping parts, arranged in a certain order more stamping process ( In the progressive die is called location) Continuous stamping. It not only can finish blanking process, still can complete the forming process, assembly process, even many of the need of complicated stamping parts stamping can be fully formed in a mold, it provides favorable conditions for high speed automatic stamping. Thus, continuous mode is more than one location, high efficiency of blanking die. Continuous mold and other mold difference ( 1) A continuous model can complete blanking, deep drawing, bending, forming process. Press each stroke can strike an artifact or process, therefore has higher productivity than compound die. ( 2) Using continuous stamping die can reduce the amount of equipment, mould and the workshop area, eliminating the semi-finished product transportation and storage. ( 3) Continuous model using the volume or belt material, feeding, discharging and laminated is easy to realize automation. Automatic continuous die stamping process, the body parts don't have to enter the danger zone, safe in operation. ( 4) Continuous mode of dispersed in each station, each process there is no composite modulus' minimum wall thickness 'problems, so the mold high strength, long service life. ( 5) Continuous structure complicated, the manufacture of high precision, long cycle, high cost and maintenance difficulty. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD is a professional stamping custom processing manufacturers, with thirty years experience in stamping, professional to provide: precision metal stamping parts, has been performed Fast, accurate, steady 】 The work commitment. Has been wholeheartedly committed to the delivery of mould manufacturing technology in the pure, beautiful, inexpensive, stamping parts and precision parts, deep tillage technology constantly. Looking forward to your contact, let each other have a better understanding and cooperation opportunities.
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