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Copper, brass, phosphor copper, cupronickel properties and USES

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
The company is a professional precision metal stamping plant. Focus on computers, mobile phones, such as consumer electronics, automotive connector terminals. The shell of precision mold design, production. Has 30 years of experience in precision high-speed stamping, professional research and development difficult product development, production cycle is short, high efficiency, improve the unit capacity. At present, assist thousands of famous foreign companies and companies connector ( Connectors) Manufacturer of hard metal stamping parts stamping products and provide solutions. Copper properties and USES: copper is a kind of pure copper, generally can be considered to be pure copper, electrical conductivity, plasticity is good, but some poor strength and hardness. Pure copper metal is purple, commonly known as the 'copper', 'red' or 'red copper. Pure copper and ductility. Like a drop of pure copper, up to the size of a growing up to two kilometers of filaments of korah, or rolled into is greater than the bed almost transparent foil. The properties of pure copper is conductive performance is very good, second only to silver in all of the metal. The purpose of the pure copper more expansive than pure iron, each year, 50% of the copper electrorefining is pure copper, used in the electrical industry. Brass properties and USES: brass is a kind of contains other alloy of copper, the copper price is cheap, electrical conductivity and the plastic is copper almost, but the strength and hardness are higher. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Is the most simple brass copper - Zinc binary alloy, called simple brass or ordinary brass, change the content of zinc in the brass can get different mechanical properties of brass. The higher the content of zinc in the brass, the intensity is high, the plastic is a bit low. Industrial zinc content less than 45% of brass, zinc will produce high brittleness, improves the performance of the alloy go bad. Add 1% to the brass tin can significantly improve seawater and Marine atmospheric corrosion resistance of brass, so called 'naval brass. Tin can improve the machinability of brass. Leaded brass that we say normally easy cutting gb copper. Leaded the main purpose is to improve the cutting machining and improve wear resistance, lead to the strength of the brass. Copper is a kind of leaded brass carving. Most brass with good colour and lustre, processability, ductility, easy for plating or painting. Bronze properties and USES: means copper tin alloy, copper alloy are other than the brass, cupronickel after said bronze, and often in a bronze name prefixed with the name of the first major add elements. Tin bronze casting performance, good anti-friction performance and mechanical performance is good, suitable for manufacturing bearings, worm gear, gear, etc. Lead bronze are widely adopted in modern engines and grinding of bearing materials. Aluminum bronze high strength, good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, used for casting high gear, shaft sleeve, such as Marine propeller load. Phosphor bronze and beryllium bronze high elastic limit, good conductivity, is suitable for manufacturing precision springs and electric contact element, beryllium bronze is used to make coal mine, oil depot, etc. Use no spark tools. Cupronickel properties and USES: as the main elements added to nickel copper alloy. Copper and nickel binary alloy called common cupronickel; With manganese, iron, zinc, aluminum and other elements of the copper alloy complex cupronickel said. Industrial cupronickel divided into two categories: structural cupronickel and electrician copper. The characteristics of the structure of white brass is good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, colour and lustre is beautiful. This kind of white brass is widely used in the manufacture of precision machinery, chemical machinery and components of the ship. Electrician cupronickel generally have good thermoelectric properties. Manganese, copper, copper constantan, take an examination of is different manganese, copper, manganese content is manufacturing precision electrical instruments, rheostat, precise resistance material, strain gauge, thermocouple, etc.
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