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Cr1220 batteries shrapnel stamping basic technological requirements

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Cr1220 batteries shrapnel stamping parts both in the industrial production and daily life, has a wide range of applications. Metal stamping processing by punching machine, die for pressing and forging materials was a way of processing, with the features of convenient operation, high precision stamping, is easy to realize mechanization and automation and other advantages, is the most used way of processing. Cr1220 batteries shrapnel stamping craft of basic requirements: 1, cr1220 batteries shrapnel stamping parts used in the material, not only to satisfy the requirements of the product design, but also should satisfy the requirement of stamping process and stamping process requirements ( Such as machining, plating, welding, etc. ) 。 2, cr1220 batteries shrapnel stamping parts in the design of structure shape, the surface of the simple and reasonable structure and its best combination, at the same time should also try to minimize the machining surface minimum number and area. 3, cr1220 batteries shrapnel stamping performance requirements, the forming process, in order to help stamping deformation and improve the quality of parts, materials should have good plasticity, QuQiang than small, big thickness direction coefficient, plate plane directivity of small, the material yield strength and elastic modulus ratio is small. For separation process, does not need material has good plasticity, but should have certain plastic, plastic the better material, the more difficult to separate. Cr1220 battery shell stamping process is relatively complicated, in order to ensure the metal stamping parts products performance can satisfy the use requirement, you need to follow the corresponding technical requirements, to ensure the production feasibility.
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