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Cr1220 battery shell mold maintenance

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Cr1220 battery shell mold maintenance purposes at quickly find out the problems and solve them, make the mold back to its original state, can continue to produce conforming to standards of the products. The same mould manufacturing the products with the same size and shape, namely each project after processing is complete part or all of the size and shape, so when the products change time, can according to the variation part and find the processing station engineering, and repair to return to, if the determination results for design errors, namely to change the design. Cr1220 battery shell mold maintenance is based on this principle. 1, cr1220 batteries shrapnel feather is too big, 1) Blade abrasion: grinding blade (again 2) Clearance is too large, mostly wipe side light, brightness is low, reduce the gap. ( 3) Gap is too small, secondary shear plane increase in clearance. ( 4) Involution cut marks: change the joint a degree or a period of poor or reducing the gap. ( 5) Too sharp a: products a less than 75 degrees change project or gap. ( 6) Mold collapse a: regrinding. ( 7) Die bei not straight: local produce wool or enclosed. Correction or modify the mold again. 2, cr1220 battery shell plates ( 1) Mould loose: mobile or modules than unilateral clearance. Combined gap adjustment. ( 2) Die tilt: or die straight a degree is not straight, or a foreign body between the template and make the template cannot be flat. To group made a correction or grinding. ( 3) Template template deformation: the hardness or not I, the thickness of the deformation or trauma. Replacement of new templates or correct set of execution of work. ( 4) Mold base deformation: the thickness of the mold base is not I or force is not average, guide pin, guide sleeve, straight a degree of variation. Grinding correction or replacement or heavy irrigation plastic steel mold base or make stress on average. ( 5) Die interference: die size, position is correct, have lower die positioning without deviation, set up will loose, punch precision is not I, frame is not straight.
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