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Metal stamping

Our metal stamping production is from a wide spectrum of materials, which include cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, iron etc., We manufacture high-quality parts and components for the agricultural, alternative energy, home appliance, automotive, engine components, heavy equipment, furniture, material handling, power transmission and railroad industries.

We work with materials that range in thickness from 0.1mm up to5.0mm , and die configurations that range from the simple to complex in design nature. These factors guide us to determine which punch press will be used for production from our numerous options. 

Press capacities range from 25-ton to 220-ton stamping machines. Single stamping terminal monthly maximum capacity is 30 million pieces, shrapnel is 5 million pieces. At present, the utilization rate of equipment stamping equipment is 60%.


CNC machining 

CNC machining parts are used in a wide range of fields, such as electronics, home appliances, and automotive. Compared with stamping parts, the precision of the product is higher, and the concentricity and roughness have higher requirements. At Dongguan Fortuna Metals  Co., Ltd., has 40 sets of 5-axis CNC machines and 2 sets 6-axis CNC machines that imported from Japan. The processing diameter is from 1.0-32MM, the processing precision is 0.005MM, and it can process different materials. The monthly processing capacity of single product is 200,000 pieces. The current equipment utilization rate is 70 %.

Automatic riveting male terminal

Automotive connector terminal

Brass CNC machining part

Brass matt plating terminal

Cell phone tinny terminal

Charging gun component for new engergy car

Precision CNC lathed component

Steel long axis CNC machining part



Dongguan Fortuna Metals has invested a great deal in quality control with the latest equipment, including optical comparators and coordinate measuring machines to assure that every metal stamping, weldment, and assembly, large or small, is delivered on time with the highest quality. When you are known for handling high tolerance and difficult parts, this is a must.


At our plant, quality control is paramount from start to finish. We have a complete tool kit of machines and systems to meet rigid customer demands. We start with consistent suppliers and approved sources that know the needs of our customers. We apply the latest equipment and processes including, SPC, TQM, and material trace-ability.


Having an experienced quality technicians and production team is how we are able to meet your specific quality requirements. Through the use of various tools that include PPAP, CP, FEMA and SPC, we continually and successfully guarantee that our commitments to you are met. We have also integrated these tools with some other quality processes to ensure added value and excellence.


In order to achieve the high quality requirements of customers with zero defects, we have introduced 5 sets of CCD automatic inspection equipment to directly realize the visual inspection and size inspection during production.

Quality management system fully complies with IATF16949:2016.

The quality is analyzed and monitored through five factors:man, machine, material, method and environments.

Vickers Hardness Tester

Tool Microscope

Hexagon Image Measuring Instrument

Roughness Detector



Coating X-Ray Tester

IM One Button Inspection Equipment


Quotations for molds and products

When we receive the inquiry, we will provide the quotation according to the drawings (CAD drawings, 3D data, PDF drawings) within 2 days, including mold charge, unit price, MOQ and lead time, etc. The price depends on the product and the customer's requirements.







Customer quotation confirmation

After a discussion, the customer confirms the price and sends us a mold order.











Mold deposit prepayment

Next, according to our quotation and customer payment terms, the customer arranges the mold prepayment, most of which is 30%-50% of the entire mold price.









Technical evaluation and DFM making

At the same time, our R&D department will conduct detailed technical assessments and manufacturability assessments based on customer drawings. In general, we will give reasonable advice based on the mechanical properties of the customer's raw materials, product structure and other subsequent treatments (such as electroplating, heat treatment and anodizing) to maximize the stability and sustainability of the production.



Mold designing

Then, our experienced professional engineers will begin to design progressive die based on customer drawings. Our engineers will choose the proper mold material and mold structure based on their years of experience.






Mold processing

After the design is completed, we also have a mold technician team and advanced mold making equipment. We offer a series of processes for independent design, processing, assembly and testing.






 Sample submission

Finally, we will submit samples to the customer for confirmation and submit multiple quality control documents, such as PPAP and FAI.








Remaining mold costs payments & Mass production arrangement

Finally, the customer pays the remaining mold costs after confirming the sample and signing the product-related documents.

We can start mass production.







Product offer

When we receive the inquiry, we will provide the quotation according to the drawings (CAD drawings, 3D data, PDF drawings) within 2 days and the mold cost, unit price, MOQ and delivery date. The price will be set based on the product and the customer's requirements.





Customer quotation confirmation and order placing

After discussing with us, the customer confirms the price and sends us a sample order.








Technical evaluation and DFM making

At the same time, our R&D department will implement detailed technical evaluation and manufacturability evaluation according to customer drawings. Generally, we will offer reasonable and optimal recommendations according to the mechanical properties of raw materials, product structure and other subsequent processing including electroplating, heat treatment and anodizing, maximizing the stability and sustainability of production.


Product processing

Then, our professional technicians will produce the products through automatic CNC lathes. They will use different knives to cut different rods made of materials.



Sample submission

Finally, we are going to deliver samples to the customer for confirmation and submit several quality control documents, such as PPAP and FAI.



Mass production

Finally, after the customer confirms the sample and signs the relevant documents of the product, we can start mass production.




Send us the relevant information (CAD/3D Drawings/PDF) and Fortuna will provide the best solution, metal stamping parts customized service(custom stamping parts) and free samples. Contact us now!

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