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Daily hardware industry in 2010 health

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Daily hardware has become a branch of the hardware industry, daily hardware is often used in our daily life, daily hardware is closely related to people's life. Daily hardware enterprises to actively respond to the global financial crisis brought serious challenges, thorough study practice scientific development concept, continue to emancipate the mind, and constantly blaze new trails, transformation of the mode of development and improve the core competitiveness, promote healthy daily hardware industry sustainable development. According to the ceramic sanitary ware industry, foreign brands due to possess the core technology, so can say has control over the Chinese market. The United States to enter the Chinese market in 1984, American standard once the lead. 2000 - Around the year 2003, the situation began to change, to enter the Chinese market in 1995 kohler, master the industry say. Since 2003, has been Japan TOTO, in foreign brands, currently it's market share is the largest, the highest sales. 'unless the breakthrough toilet flushing system is the core technology, otherwise, the foreign brand in the industry leading position, is beyond the reach of ceramic sanitary ware enterprises in China. 'the personage inside course of study says. It is reported, 'easy clean huo glaze technology can effectively deal with sanitary ware surface of the problem of pollution. Output from the product output to the technology, this is the rules of the development of the ceramic sanitary ware industry. Foreign brands to China's development, is the technology, capital and business model. After the 2008 market slump sanitary ware industry, has entered the era of brand. 2007 - Since 2008, China sanitary ware market, profound changes have taken place, so to speak. With full of personalized products, brand operation, thinking China sanitary ware market. The last: hardware enterprise how to create a international market
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