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Die Assembly For Stamping Parts Processing

Die Assembly For Stamping Parts Processing


The mold is very important for the stamping parts manufacturer, and the assembly of the mold is also very important for the quality of the mold. The following will simply introduce the main points of stamping die assembly for stamping parts processing.

1. Select the assembly reference hole, determine the assembly reference before assembly, and determine the assembly reference according to the interdependence of the main parts of the mold, as well as the requirements of assembly convenience and ease of assembly to ensure the assembly accuracy. According to the different mold types, the guide plate is used as the assembly reference, the compound mold is used as the assembly reference, and the progressive die is used as the concave die. The groove structure of the die base takes the groove as the assembly datum;

2. Stamping parts processing manufacturers should determine the assembly sequence; The assembly sequence is determined according to the dependence and distance between each part and the assembly reference; The assembly of parts first should be conducive to the positioning and fixing of subsequent parts, and should not affect the assembly of subsequent parts;

3. Control the blanking gap, and strictly control the blanking gap between the convex and concave dies during assembly to ensure uniform clearance;

4. The position is correct, the action is correct, the moving parts in the mold should ensure that the position and size requirements are correct, and the action of the moving parts is flexible and reliable;

5. Test punching, test punching is an important part of the mold assembly, through the test to find the problem, and take measures to eliminate the fault.

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