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Do you know the details of these stamping processes


Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co.,Ltd.  is a manufacturer dedicated to the custom processing of precision metal stamping parts, providing one-stop service for mold development, automated production, assembly and inspection, and surface treatment. Due to the long-term experience of Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co.,Ltd. it is found that in the production and processing process of stamping parts, there are many details that need to be paid attention to.

1. before stamping, it is necessary to have plate straightening adjustment process steps or automatic calibration tooling to ensure that raw materials enter the mold cavity smoothly.

2. clear the position of the material belt on the feed clip, clear the width gap between the two sides of the material belt and the two sides of the feed clip.

3. 100% monitoring of the material in the direction of the width of the coil to prevent insufficient raw materials from causing poor stamping products.

4. before the material belt into the mold, it is necessary to have error prevention tools to ensure that the raw materials can enter the correct position in the mold.

5. continuous die or feed die need to step by step position monitoring, if not reached the position, should be timely alarm or automatic shutdown.

6, whether the end of the coil is monitored, when the coil reaches the head, the stamping process will automatically stop.

7. the die needs to be equipped with a detector to detect whether the product is stuck in the mold cavity, if stuck, the device will automatically stop.

8. whether the stamping process parameters are monitored, when there are abnormal parameters, the product produced under this parameter will be automatically scrapped.

9. the effective implementation of die management (preventive maintenance, spot inspection, spare parts confirmation planning and implementation).

10. the gas/gun used to blow away debris should be clearly defined blowing position and direction.

11. the work instructions should clearly specify the reaction mode of the product left in the mold during abnormal shutdown.

12. stamping debris is timely and effective cleaning, and will not mix or adhere to the product.

13. in the process of collecting the finished product, there must be no risk of product damage.

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