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Do you know the steps of stamping process design?


Do you know the steps of stamping process design

This article will give you a specific introduction based on our actual processing and production experience combined with some experience sharing on the Internet. Including the preliminary collection and analysis of relevant original data, stamping process analysis and review, and the formulation of stamping process plans.

1. Collect and analyze the original data about the design.

(1) Product drawings and technical conditions of stamping parts;

(2) The size, performance, and supply status of raw materials;

(3) The production batch of the product;

(4) Existing stamping equipment conditions in the factory;

(5) Existing mold manufacturing conditions and technical level of the factory;

(6) Other technical data, etc.


2. Analysis and review of stamping processability of product parts

Stamping processability refers to the adaptability of stamping parts to the stamping process, that is, whether the structural shape, size, precision requirements and materials used of the stamping parts meet the process requirements of stamping processing.


3. Develop a stamping process plan.

Through analysis and calculation, determine the process nature, quantity, arrangement sequence, process combination mode and positioning mode of stamping processing; determine the shape and size of each processing part; arrange other non-stamping auxiliary processes, etc.

(1) Determination of the nature of the process;

(2) Determination of the number of processes;

(3) Arrangement of process sequence;

(4) Selection of process combination method;

(5) Selection of process positioning reference and positioning method;

(6) Determination of the shape and size of the stamping process parts.

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