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Domestic hardware market future wealth source - — Metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Metal stamping parts is refers to the thin sheet metal materials in the stamping equipment, under the action of through the use of stamping die is change material to produce a separation or plastic, finally to fulfill the requirements of a particular size or shape of parts. Metal stamping parts of the application range is very wide, the production of metal stamping parts products are mainly used in computers, cell phones, consumer electronics, automotive connectors, etc. In China, many city market as XiaoDe, hardware market level is not high, a high number, comprehensive features, the result is that the market competition intensifies, enterprise faced with the upgrade. Dongguan as one of the few regions, national and international professional market, as the local market integration into the global market the most active, most the vitality of the cells, these professional market not only market space is large, and with the local industry has a good combination, the support of local government is far greater than other types of professional market. In competition intense situation, many hardware factory to realize that if you want to make the company occupy a certain share in the market, price competition alone is impossible to build the core competitiveness. In order to make the company get long-term development, completes the market, you must choose a new battlefield, trying to explore a new path, or from the aspects of technology to enhance company's strength. Technology innovation as the core, to establish new business line policy, make the enterprise sustainable development be realized. At present, in the first-tier cities, metal stamping parts industry is mature, but relative to second - and third-tier cities are still a little defective. In the next three to five years, with the deepening of the urban planning, industrial structure adjustment and upgrading, believe that will drive the secondary and tertiary cities development and mature of metal stamping industry. Enterprise to survive permanently, might as well technical breakthroughs, believe the future hardware market is the major source of wealth or metal stamping parts.
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