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Domestic hardware tools products is in the midst of the upgrade

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
In the next few years, the domestic construction hardware products will become smarter and humanized development path. International hardware market dynamics, medium and low-grade products developed countries have accelerated transfer to the third world, developed countries will cheap products to the third world because of the rapid development of production technology and the impact of Labour is expensive, with the developed countries in Europe and the construction hardware product design is given priority to with easy installation and maintenance, their production of only a few high value-added products; Products into hardware market to be bestowed favor on newly in recent years, can be applied to products and tools big popular with the market. As the international hardware market, Europe and the United States and other developed countries due to production technology rapid development and rising labor costs, transfer universality products produced by developing countries, only the production of high additional value products. And our country has a great market potential, so more beneficial for the development of metal processing exporter. Hand tools product category sleeve for export commodities in China, the combination of hand tools, garden tools, wrench class four, ranked fifth pliers. From the foreign country, the United States ranked first, followed by Britain, Germany and Japan, etc. Hand tools market, hand tools market demand stabilisation in the United States, the United States at the end of the housing market along with the increase of the scale of new homes, there are still a lot of house empty now, great housing renovation market opportunities. Motor vehicles average model and old more and more big, hand tools of automotive aftermarket sales has played a certain role in promoting. It is understood that demand for forging tools to electronic products distribution, especially the adjustable wrench; Hand tools demand increase, in Germany, comfortable saving tools are most popular. Help to hold tools smooth handle and beautiful appearance are all important factors attract them the desire to buy. In terms of tool types, electric tool is now increasingly popular. Cordless tools are also increasingly popular. Sold in the market now the new plug-in tool with multiple battery jack, can be used in various environment; Taiwan hand tool industry to adjust product structure, the hand tool industry in Taiwan with stable product quality, punctual delivery, product variety is complete, can meet the needs of the customers, in the world has a certain advantage. And hand tools sales is given priority to with the overall market in Taiwan, the local manufacturers' 5000, distributed in central Taiwan, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. This is China's hardware tools products upgrading phase, transition period of from low-end to high-end products. It is good for the development of China's hardware industry, products abroad, in the process of production to the transfer of domestic will inevitably bring some abroad, including raw materials, advanced production technology and management mode brought together.
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