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Domestic standard hardware enterprises need to understand the eu hardware instructions

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Recently, the European commission non-food fast early warning system ( 库) On the 'BUMAC' brand electric hand tools warned consumers. This case report to Germany. Electrical hand tools involved project number is 22100002. It is reported, the domestic electric tools have been warned, due to the poor insulation of electric tools, using electric shock risk. Because the electric tools pose a safety hazard to consumers. The goods is not up to the standards of the low-voltage electrical appliances directive - 60745 1, the German government has withdrawn from the market will be the goods across the country, the importer has withdraw products from the market. Within the scope of the commission on the basis of the European Union warned consumers of the products. The relevant domestic hardware tools manufacturing exporters should be attached great importance to this. Why the hardware enterprises to export to the eu electric tools were warning? The main reason for the enterprise the lack of the understanding of the hardware products directive standards. 60745 - electrical instruction 1 standard eu market hardware power tools product standards. The most widely used hardware tools, electric tools whole society as the era of social progress, electric tool market developing rapidly, at the same time all kinds of electric tools because in terms of quality problems bring harm to consumers also happen from time to tome, so countries all over the world for domestic electric tools are increasingly demanding in the market. Many countries have established their own security regulations, these products production enterprise must make the pledge that we shall comply with relevant standards before its product sales in the region. Manufacturers must for production defects, bad design, or inappropriate material use and cause accident. The European launch electrical certification law, its meaning through the 60745 - 1 standard electric tools products to enter European market for technical specification, and thus to reduce or avoid, therefore, the author remind electric tools production enterprises, export to the eu electric tools products, export before all specifications series products must be certified by instruction and add tags, maturing products to apply for certification. In addition, electric tool detection time, enterprises need to be prepared for the ahead of time. Enterprises need to accumulate more experience with, involving the product will do accordingly adjusted according to the regulations of the European Union, otherwise will be eliminated by the market. And enterprises to understand and grasp timely export hardware tools to the electric tool safety regulations and standards, such as the eu's latest electric tools standard requirements; Enterprise product design, quality management personnel must be familiar with understanding standard, development and design of products, not only to consider product modeling function, should according to the inspection standards to countries more, pay attention to product safety performance. Design a product only to the inspection standards, the product is the market value, otherwise, everything is impossible. A: imported machine impact on the domestic market
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