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Dongguan hardware mold to the road of independent innovation

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Dongguan city hardware mold positive direction of independent innovation, especially thought on behalf of a group of company, focusing on the r&d and manufacture of high-speed precision hardware mold, wholeheartedly committed to transport of metal mold manufacturing technology and refined, beautiful, stamping parts and precision mold parts. Development become a considerable scale, has the characteristics of high technology industry capital intensive, technology intensive stamping manufacture industry. Under the guidance of scientific concept of development, the hardware mold industry in China in the future development to adopt the following countermeasures: first, to speed up the development of the technology content of related supporting industry, enhancing the added value of the mould; Second, we must focus on the development mold professional talents, improve the quality of the mould professionals; Third, we should continuously develop industrial cluster, make mould industry chain; Fourth, to continually promote the independent innovation, the implementation of regional brand strategy; Fifth, to optimize the mold structure, industrial structure; Sixth, to give full play to the government's guiding support role. Follow the above points, onto the road of independent innovation, hardware mold industry of our country will achieve breakthrough development, enhance international competitiveness.
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