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Dongguan is a powerful manufacturer with a daily production capacity of 3 million stampings in 15 years. Hardware will explain to you the importance of metal stamping parts in modern times!

by:Fortuna     2021-04-15
History has entered the modern industrial society, and the rapid development of the metal stamping industry is required by the development of major advanced technologies. So now the metal stamping parts have played an incalculable role in the development of the national economy, and the metal stamping parts have also become an industrial production. A part of Dongguan, 15 years of dedicated hardware stamping strength, the hardware manufacturer has a daily production capacity of 30 million stampings + stamping precision ±0.01mm. It is a close partner of the world's top 500 companies and can meet all your needs. Metal stamping parts are used as supporting products in industrial production, semi-finished products, and things used in the production process, and so on. Metal stamping parts are part of the consumer goods that people’s daily necessities, such as mobile phones, washing machines, air conditioners, airplanes, rockets and aircraft carriers. In the national economic occupation classification of the National Bureau of Statistics, the manufacturing industry ranks the third largest occupation. Including: production and production of daily materials, such as: agricultural and sideline products, food and beverage, tobacco, textiles, clothing, leather, wood furniture, printing and sports supplies, and pharmaceutical production; production of production materials, such as: petrochemicals, chemical fibers, rubber and plastics , Non-metal products production, metal smelting and processing, metal products production, general equipment production, professional equipment production, and transportation equipment production, electrical equipment, communication electronics, etc. The related products in the classification of metal products in the manufacturing industry and general-purpose parts and components in the production of general equipment constitute 'metal stamping parts' in the general sense. It can be seen that metal stamping parts are not an existing occupational category, but an interspersed combination of the above-mentioned metal products-metal stamping parts. In the entire manufacturing industry, the responsibility of ‘hardware’ is to provide manufacturing enterprises with parts and productions, not as professional equipment for final use. Nevertheless, we cannot deny the important role of 'small metal stamping parts' in the social production process: 'metal stamping parts' and the manufacturing industry are an inseparable whole intertwined with each other. Hardware, 15 years of ingenuity and focus on metal stamping parts processing, silk-like precision + 16 strict quality inspections, and the concept of the results of your needs as the results of your work, let you choose, and choose to rest assured! Implementation of high-standard scientific system to reshape the quality of metal stamping and comprehensive quality management to meet production needs and customer requirements
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