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Dongguan metal stamping development new rules: reduction recycling recycling

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
The advantage of metal stamping parts, mould has strong competitiveness. Is biggest advantages and strengths of both private enterprises, also lies in the traditional industries. To enter the high-end market, cannot leave the high and new technology. Mountain manufacturing is quite famous in China, the rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises, mold industry have a sizeable auxiliary function, but to keep up with the pace of The Times, a local mould industry also need to transition to ascend. Recently, there are senior vestibule school and modern manufacturing engineering research institute, zhejiang university 'marriage', the two sides will build 'die fast digital design and precision inspection center', to serve the local mould industry. Along with the development of domestic metal stamping industry, increasingly fierce competition from other provinces, metal stamping parts industry disorderly competition began to appear, a hardware level of low cost, product structure and technical content of disadvantages are also becoming obvious. Metal stamping parts industry in the 1960 s began to rise in the south China sea, reached a peak in the late 80 s. Metal stamping parts industry threshold is very low at that time, what also do not need technology, 30000 yuan to buy some old equipment can open a cottage industry of metal stamping parts processing factory. After more than 40 years development, all kinds of hardware, mold processing enterprises have reached a m, great majority is labor-intensive small businesses, distribution in the sands, west firewood, keijo, etc. Mould has three advantages, ( A) Advanced equipment, 2) Relatively advanced technology application, the new technology can be widely used in the industry, rapid. ( 3) From the design and manufacture to related materials production, heat treatment, etc. , to form the industrial chain, integration advantages highlighted. The disadvantages of metal stamping parts, metal stamping parts current enterprise due to insufficient funds and lack of own brand, metal stamping parts will strengthen enterprise management and technical transformation investment, expand the proportion of high-end products, and set up a domestic sales department, actively expand the domestic market. The metal stamping parts industrial circular economy pilot, based on principles of 'reduction, reuse, recycling', focus on resource consumption and waste emissions reduction, actively implement the preferential policies of national comprehensive utilization of resources, carry out, reuse of waste battery, waste household appliances, old furniture, bamboo and wood processing residue, mining wastes, sewage treatment plant sludge and stainless steel processing waste recycling use. Vigorously develop industrial circular economy in order to promote clean production and an important embodiment of low carbon economy. Vigorously develop industrial circular economy in order to promote clean production and an important embodiment of low carbon economy. A: plastic wood stainless steel card buckle is environmental protection energy conservation compound materials
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