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Dongguan mobile loudspeaker

by:Fortuna     2021-02-03
Mobile phones speaker net refers to the speaker on the dustproof net, so it was for mobile horn hood. According to the material divided into plastic mobile phone speaker network and hardware mobile loudspeaker. Mobile loudspeaker is to point to: dust-proof net on the phone's speaker, so it was for mobile horn hood. Mobile phone speaker wire mesh material: metal horn net are divided into iron phone speaker net, copper phone speakers nets, nickel phone speaker net, etc. Mobile loudspeaker compared with big stereo net, both in the same place, also have different places. In the same place performance: 1, are secondary ( Even many times) Stamping. Pressed into mesh for the first time, second time stamping into different shapes. 2, part of the material is same, mobile loudspeaker and traditional loudspeaker material is stainless steel, PVC, etc. Different places displays in: 1, the material. Including the type of material, thickness. Most mobile loudspeaker for PVC or stainless steel, and most ordinary loudspeaker for cold rolled iron. This is because most ordinary loudspeaker besides stamping need spray paint. And don't need to mobile phone speaker net. 2, hole size and precision. Most mobile loudspeaker to 0. 3 holes, and mobile phone speaker net precision can reach 0. 01mm。
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