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Efficient method to avoid waste of the stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Whatever parts, for production and processing, hard to avoid can appear some substandard waste; And stamping parts processing is also a special equipment for processing, and although we can't say to completely avoid the generation of waste, but we can according to its features to reduce the production of waste, the efficiency was improved. First of all we need to select the suitable raw materials, and then coupled with the corresponding technology to manufacture, we will strictly to perform the process, of course, can't make mistakes in any environment, otherwise it's easy to have the generation of waste. Second for manufacturing stamping machinery and equipment, such as press and dies, and make sure they are working in normal conditions, not defective, for work after the product must do a full inspection, after the first product is qualified, can begin the day's work, so at the time of accident can timely processing, reducing the generation of waste. Must be civilized production in the production, if put stamping casually, is easy to make the workpiece surface scars, influence quality. In the production of straight after you put in the mould.
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