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Electric kettle shell electric kettle parts electric kettle hardware maintenance

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Precision shrapnel shrapnel electric kettle hardware maintenance/electric kettle reset switch how to maintenance and installed to be removed after don't, how to do? The method is very simple. Electric kettle reset switch points so several parts: spring coil, bimetallic strip, contact switch, switch button, etc. When installation of the bimetallic strip and switch pivot for good, and then put the spring coil in front of the hook, and one end of the opening towards the switch, no open a futuristic, hanging on the hook before the switch button. Then press the try, if feel more elastic and can remain open and close state basically, and boiling water try, can see the water boiled trip, if the water is boiling after 1 ~ 2 minutes not jump, bimetallic strip position is wrong, and reinstall again. ( Methods with former) 。
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