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Electrical accessories stamping die set above series mold base

by:Fortuna     2021-02-03
In order to shorten the electrical accessories stamping mould processing cycle, to strengthen the mould precision, spinning technique, the operator a lower mold production will produce abnormal, ensure production quality and the die life, electrical accessories, stamping die mold base on the assembling process to do the following. Electrical accessories on the stamping die mold base set made in the following ten step step to complete: 1, the splint Φ 12. 000 location hole and vice guide pin hole circumference R1. 0 and 2, box with 600 # oil stone or polishing diamond knife bravely and remove burrs. ( Fail) 3, both sides templates to use 600 # and 1000 # oil stone bulldozed, remove the spring. 4, kerosene and alcohol will surface and inner hole clean. 5, assistant director suit with the template. 6, clamping part will punch into the template box, check whether the punch take put smooth. ( Punch and don't put in, in order to avoid accidentally touch off small punch) 7, to fix the punch with press. ( Note holder can't get too close to punch, so as not to interfere with the punch. ) Punch after fixed should have small space, to facilitate the punch guide is naturally. 8, will take off the board together with the back off gently into the plywood, check to take off the back of the plate must have without interference, completely and trendy, take off the backboard and plywood should be no gap between. After 9, into the blanking punch should exceed the pressure is zero. 8毫米( Less material thickness) The above. 10, into the adjustment screw and upper die, rotating screw until rushed closer to the effective height adjustment. Through more than 10 steps work, electrical accessories of stamping die mold base on group work has been completed. Precision co. , LTD. Is a professional design, production of high-speed electrical accessories stamping die manufacturers, welcomed the advisory order. Tel: 400 - 862 - 1890 /
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