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Electronic stamping application field

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping sometimes called sheet metal forming, but a little difference. Sheet forming refers to the use thin plate, thin wall pipe, profile as raw materials such as plastic processing and forming method of a general designation for the sheet metal forming, at this time, the direction of the plate deformation is generally not considered. Stamping industry is a very widely in the field of industry involved, deep into all aspects of manufacturing, called stamping sheet metal forming in foreign countries. In China also have such a call. Stamping industry in China is a what kind of, how to abroad, how do we go, this is our everybody concerned problem. Electronic stamping application fields: ( 1) Industries such as automotive spare parts stamping. Mainly forming punching and shearing. On this part of the enterprise, there are many standard parts factory, there are some independent stamping factory, some factory or tractor factory all around, there are many such small factory. ( 2) Special stamping companies. Such as aviation parts stamping is belong to this type of enterprises, but these craft factory is also in some companies. ( 3) Electronic parts stamping factory. This factory is a new industry, with the development of electrical appliances and developed, the factory mainly concentrated in the south. ( 4) Life commodity stamping factory. Do some arts and crafts, tableware, etc. , the factory also has a bigger development in recent years. ( 5) Household appliances parts stamping factory. These plants are only after I use appliances developed, most distribution within the household appliance enterprises. ( 6) Stamping of automobile industry. Give priority to with deep drawing. In our country, this part mainly concentrated in the car, tractor factory, and aircraft factory, independent large stamping drawing factory are rare.
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