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Electronic stamping parts, precision, from ordinary punch to high-speed punch contrast in detail

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Precision has punch press imported from ( Taiwan and Japan) Equipment 32: electronic shrapnel terminal of stamping parts stamping precision grade high ( Punching accuracy of plus or minus 0. 1毫米) And faster, SPM1500) 。 Ordinary punch speed: general under 200 times; The speed of high-speed punch press: a 200 - minute by minute 1000 times. The grade of the ordinary punch: from ordinary punch from low to high, control mode, in turn, is hand, foot, nc; High speed punch: control mode is the numerical control, high speed punch mount corresponding mold, all kinds of metal materials by feeder to punch, and stamping out the corresponding electronic stamping parts. Ordinary punch: suitable for forming, blanking, punching, bending, etc all kinds of cold stamping process, widely used in electronic components, instruments and meters, toys, automobiles, tractors and other industries; High-speed punching machine, widely used in the connector, EI, LED bracket, lead frame, the loudspeaker network, heat sink, computer, household appliances, auto parts, precision electronics, communication, photographic equipment, motor stator and other small precision parts stamping processing. Company main high-precision electronics, loudspeaker meshes in punching ( 0. 1mm- 0. 3毫米) , precision shrapnel, linear motor ( Shell, shell) Is advanced in the industry benchmark. High-speed punch press is one of the most advanced and rapid metal processing equipment. Only high speed punch can guarantee the stamping parts with high precision, and fast parts forming process. The benefits of using high-speed punch press: 1, through die stamping products from high-speed punching machine, stamping out products of good quality and high precision, to avoid errors in manual operation. 2, high-speed punch stamping process to achieve high demand, some enterprises such as speed, stamping out parts. Due to the advantages of high speed punch it in the areas of machine manufacturing and metal processing, has been widely used. Company high-speed punching machine has the characteristics and advantages: 1, a reduction in the number of high-speed punch when process, the traditional low speed punch is by manual feeding, high speed punch with various feeder, feeding machine, fast and accurate; 2, increase rushed out of the number of parts and at the same time; 3, improve the productivity of high-speed punch press; 4, reduce or replace the subsequent machining. A qualified have advantage technology not only high speed punch stamping company equipment is advanced and efficient, and the engineer's technical level. Stamping mould rigidity is also of great significance, only in this way can ensure the high productivity of stamping method. With a large technical team and well-trained, working time more than 20 years experience of 10 mold designers, mold manufacturing and maintenance master more than fifty. High-speed punching machine operation process, if only just solved the problem of the productivity, rather than saving materials and strong durability of progressive die, can't think of this kind of stamping process is reasonable, on the economy at the same time also is inappropriate. So the company developed the punching mould has strong resistance, durability and high speed punch with higher advantage, make each customer high satisfaction of cooperation. Electronic stamping parts, precision, the company is to assist customers find more competitive as own duty of stamping parts manufacturers. Precision contact: wish you a prosperous business, everything goes well, if you want to learn more dynamic, can scan the qr code, pay attention to the public. , is committed to precision stamping processing factory of the world's most professional electronic components
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