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Engineer team


The head of the engineering department

12 years of experience



Mr. Shu has over 12 years of experience in the precision stamping industry. He is currently the head of the engineering department and is responsible for managing the entire product development process. He is familiar with the design and assembly of precision terminals, connector terminals, shrapnel, etc. He can effectively modify and provide advice on issues that arise during product development and production. It is undeniable that he is the backbone of our R&D department. He has unique insights into precision hardware products and can effectively solve customer technical problems.


Senior Engineer

20 years of experience

Mr.Yuan has more than 20 years of experience in precision hardware mold design, and is proficient in using various design software such as Solidwork, Pro/E and  CAD. He has rich experience in electronic components, PC precision terminals, mobile phone precision shrapnel, mobile phone motor, home appliance shrapnel, etc. The precision of the design drawing is strictly controlled within ±0.01mm. The design adopts a special drawing method. He can provide effective modification suggestions for the defects in the finished product. He is one of the main engineers in Dongguan Fortuna.


Senior Engineer

10 years of experience



Mr.Ye has over 10 years of experience in precision metal mold design. He specializes in mold design and manufacturing and is proficient in a variety of design software such as Solidworks, Pro/E and CAD. He has unique insights into the design of precision connectors, automotive connectors and a variety of complex shrapnel. In addition, he is familiar with the mechanical properties of various raw materials and various surface treatments. He is outgoing and good at communicating with clients. In addition, he can often come up with creative and constructive design solutions that play a decisive role in product development.

Steven Yan

Project Engineer

7 years of experience



Steven has a 7-year mold design background and excellent English communication skills. He is able to independently design complex precision progressive dies and has unique insights into the process and design requirements of various products. He has a good understanding of the mechanical properties of various raw materials and product surface treatment requirements. In addition, he is able to communicate with overseas clients on technology and project evaluation in English. He has been providing quality services to Fortuna's overseas clients.


Senior Engineer

10 years of experience



Ms. Yue has 10 years of experience as a product process engineer. She is familiar with the development process of various precision hardware products and the technical requirements of various products. She knows the mechanical properties of various raw materials and product surface treatment requirements well. She can customize the comprehensive production control process for different products and can customize the reasonable packaging method for different products made of different materials, which is an important guarantee for mass production.


The head of the quality department

15 years of experience



Mr. Zhao has accumulated over 15 years of experience in quality control in the precision hardware parts industry. Currently, he is responsible for managing the entire quality control process as the head of the quality control department. He specializes in a variety of international quality systems such as IATF16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001. He can efficiently use MSA, APQP, FMEA, SPC and PPAP to monitor all production processes. He has made significant contributions to the company's quality control over the years.



10 years experience

Mr. Lin has been engaged in quality control in the precision metal parts industry for more than 10 years. He is well aware of the mechanical properties of raw materials and the various surface treatments that are widely used in the precision hardware industry. He has provided good advice for buyers and engineers to choose subcontractors. He has extensive expertise in a variety of supplier audit processes, including quality system audits and process audits such as supplier annual audits, new supplier qualification audits, etc. He can fully complete supplier evaluation and supplier quality control to ensure smooth mass production of the product.

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