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Engineering machinery seal industry development potential analysis

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
People in the industry tend to think that the seal is a little thing, but the seal is a continuous operation is very important for industrial technology products. The early reform and opening, because of the lack of attention, seal industry has long been regarded as a small and mixed areas, development speed is slow, a large number of small businesses can't form batch production and quality management. With the improvement of domestic manufacturing industry level, the situation has begun to change rapidly. With the rapid development of China's machinery industry, especially in the automotive industry and the development of electronic industry, packing industry in China has the irreplaceable realistic meaning and profound connotation of industry development. Under the new international environment, global seal products manufacturing base will continue to transfer to China. China's seal industry will also usher in a leap-forward development, and will make greater contribution for China's new industrialization development. According to 'China hydraulic pneumatic sealing industry economic operation analysis of statistical data, hydraulic, pneumatic, sealed 290 major enterprise statistics, industry economic comprehensive index of 170. 214 81, of which the seals. 97, well above the national machinery industry average. In the fourth quarter of 2007 36 domestic sealing industry sales income. 25, 0. 4 billion yuan more than the same period last year growth. 27%. Seal industry leading enterprises - 2007 - More than 5 YiZhi group sales. 7. 5 billion yuan, the implementation for 11 consecutive years of rapid growth. More than 1200 existing staff and the total number of workers. YiZhi group, says Mr Zhao Jingwei uphold the leading industry, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence, in the New Year YiZhi group will further through excellence management, to create excellent quality, gathered outstanding talents in the industry constantly create miracles. Is also need a number of industry leading companies, like YiZhi to further standardize the market for sealing technology standardization, quality standardization, service standardization. Advanced sealing technology will promote the continuous development of China's manufacturing industry, was used by a growing number of industrial enterprises. How big is the development of China's industrial manufacturing potential, big of sealing the development of enterprises. A: pulse machinery market
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