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Excellent stamping, our example

by:Fortuna     2021-02-07
Press the development of the company without the efforts of each employee. With the constant development of the company's business, we have sprung up many good staff. To the practice of the company's core values, colleagues set of models and achieved excellent results, we will hold the third quarter of the outstanding staff selection! Some good staff candidate candidate after the race from different departments, finally three players to stand out and become the third quarter of good staff! The good staff selection, candidates are not only show their good behavior in the practice of company core values, but also shows their power of expression. That makes them able to put their own good points better transfer to other colleagues, excellent guides everybody together. In the third quarter of good staff let us give the applause and respect to our excellent employees, hope they moved on! Convey their own bright spots to more colleagues at the same time, help more people to join the excellent staff team, to provide customers with more quality services, eventually support stamping long-term and stable business growth. The judges and the candidates
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